I’m desperately trying to get this blog posted before Ally’s birthday is over! Ally and I are 19 years and 364 days apart! That means, tomorrow’s my birthday! It’s so much easier to say we are 20 years apart, but so much less fun.

I want to start first with a picture from 2 years ago. I knew Ally was ending a period of her life where she would allow me to photograph her in a tutu. She was turning 12. I knew she was in a small limited window where this picture would be whimsical, not childish.

I made the tutu for her when she was 9, I just got around to doing something with it! Luckily this big amazing tree found us and everything fell into place.

I’ve wanted to get Ally into my new studio for awhile now. I didn’t really have any plans for her but I think I’m accidentally launching her modeling career!

She’s always been beautiful, but my goodness, I did not expect her to go barreling past beautiful and straight into stunning.


My favorite traits of Ally: She is quick to laugh, easy to love, dangerously courageous, and wise beyond her years.


Here she is again at 12. You can tell me she looks the same. But I see it. The growth, the maturity, the depth. She’s grown. Not full grown! But growth.


I have officially photographed Ally maybe a dozen times over the last ten years. She literally fights me every time on what to wear, then ends up loving the outfits. She tells me she doesn’t own jeans, 2 seconds later… produces jeans. It’s a fight I’ve come to expect and just one of those little unique quirks that is fun to love.


This is Ally’s first trip to my studio. All I had envisioned was her sitting criss-cross-apple-sauce on top of a stool, which proved to be impossible.

Charleston SC teen photographer

While the stunning bright eye quiet stare makes my heart skip a beat. It’s the laughing pictures that will always have my heart. I can physically hear her laugh. Happy Birthday Boo Boo! Carry on into your teen years as gracefully as you have so far!


Great pics!

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