Writing blogs for your friends can be emotionally draining! I’ve cried so many times between editing Jen & Matt’s engagement pictures and now their wedding! 


The-Battery-downtown-CharlestonDowntown Charleston was just classic Charleston today. The bride with her dad is in my top 3 most precious of moments of any wedding day, but these two especially precious.

Dads love you first.


My standard ice-breaker joke is to say “Act like you like each other.”

Immediately Jen’s dad squeezes her whole face, “Of course, she’s my baby.”Father-of-the-bride-downtown-charleston-scexchanging-wedding-rings

This picture, everything.charleston-sc-downtown-wedding-photos

The first kiss is always a keeper, but those 2 seconds after… !wedding-Charleston-SC

I couldn’t figure out why I was so drawn to this picture of Jen laughing. It wasn’t Jen I was drawn to, Matt is checking out the ring he just placed on her finger! Sweet, sweet little moments in between the big ones.White-Point-Garden-wedding-ceremony

I’m trying to think if there is a prettier spot in Charleston than under the trees on the Battery. I really don’t think so.When you have everyone you need in one place, it’s a good day to get married.

This is a special kind of brother/sister relationship.funny-family-portraits-weddingThis is an even more special sister-in-law relationship.White-point-garden-wedding-The-Battery

I love the look on Jen’s face. I’m sure it was unintentional but her face screams, Sign IT!

ceremony-only-wedding-charleston-scJen and Matt planned for a family only ceremony but there are certain friends that fill the role of family when family isn’t nearby. And sometimes you can’t beat them away with a stick. Which is great because we needed friends to drive, do hair and make-up, bring forgotten bouquets, forgotten rings, puppies, babies, and to simply drive by honk and scream CONGRATULATIONS! (Freak! I teared up again writing this!)wedding-friends-and-family-downtown-charleston-sc

Please note our friend Jennifer photo-bombing in the background of the gazebo picture above.downtown-charleston-streets

Ummm…Glitter shoes!!!!!!

I swear, this is the most Charleston picture that ever did Charleston. We had exactly 8 seconds to nail this picture before the horse and carriage were gone. Luckily there was a manhole cover right on the sidewalk exactly where I wanted them to stand. “Go stand on that manhole cover and smile!”horse+and+buggy+charleston+SC


Gorgeous people,

I feel like this is the first time Matt really got to take a step back from the ceremony and commotion and really soak up his beautiful bride.bride-and-groom-just-marriedBridal portrait: unplanned. Jen was simply snooping into one of the gorgeously manicured petite backyard gardens in Charleston and the light was just stunning on her. experienced+wedding+photographerCan you smell the Jasmine? The rain and cold took a break for one perfect wedding day for Matt & Jen.


I think Jen was still riding high on the emotions of the day. After hours of getting ready, a ceremony, and walking around taking portraits in downtown Charleston, she still had the energy and desire to hoist herself on top of a brick wall and rock it like a model.White-point-garden-charleston-sc-wedding-photographer

There is nothing I love more than when my car gets to be the getaway car on a wedding day.funny-wedding-pictures

Congratulations you beautiful people, I wish you guys all the happiness in the world!

live+oaks+Charleston+weddingTime to go! Dinner is waiting.intimate-wedding-south-carolina

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