I had to try and sneak one more blog in before the end of 2019! Yeah, I don’t like to drive on New Year’s Eve soooo, I’m blogging it up! We will go for a very chilly walk around midnight to check out the neighbors’ fireworks but that’s about it for us!

What to wear

Anyway, I wanted to show you a really cute extended family that I’ve been working with for years. This year I challenged myself to see how many people I could fit in the studio! It looks like I could add a few more! That’s 14 and it wasn’t tight at all. I think I need to recruit a family of 30 now. Any takers?


Coordinating Family Outfits

Every family I work with has the option to have me help them choose a color palette and put outfits together or some families opt to just use my sample color guides if they have lots of different families trying to coordinate their suitcases!

Color Palettes

Over the years these families have let me help them choose clothing for family pictures. I usually start with one or two items of clothing or a pattern and select the rest of the color palette from those items. For this family we started with this color palette and it slowly evolved into what you see below.


(First year is bottom right: pink, blue, white, checks, and hearts. Mixing patterns can make just as much of a statement as mixing colors. Next year on the beach: coral, teal, pink, and a tropical print. This year I wanted lots of color since we’d be inside: mustard yellow, navy blue, burgundy, flowers, and polka dots.)


I love the grandkid/grandparent pictures. After the big family picture, the grandparent picture is the most important photo I take.


Accessories are the easiest way to continue a color theme throughout the entire group: headbands, leggings, shoes, jewelry, even socks! Each person does not have to wear the same color shirt as long as you choose a color palette and stick to those 3-4 basic colors.


Where to shop

One of my best tips and maybe not such an obvious one is shopping at the same store for everyone! Places like Target and Old Navy cater to the whole family. They also have the same clothing buyers so the shades of reds are more likely to match and not clash with each other. They will also have the same patterns on different items of clothing. (Above there is one daughter in a yellow and blue flower dress, and one with the same pattern as a shirt.)

Same thing in the pictures below. We found a dress, that had the same pattern on the girl’s shorts and then pulled colors for everyone else from the dress pattern. The girls didn’t need to have matching headbands, just coordinating.

what to wear family beach pictures

The outfits below are some of my favorites! I think I would personally wear all of them! Cardigans are a great way to tie two colors together, you can also switch it up and have one child wear the inverse colors. Certain colors like pink and blue can have multiple shades and not clash with each other. Be sure to always mix in whites and other neutrals to balance things out. Neutrals can be anything like khaki, black, white, gray, brown, and in my opinion, denim!

What to wear for family pictures

This picture below has absolutely nothing to do with anything. But isn’t she cute? Can you guess which curly cousin she grew up to be?


Happy New Year!

I look forward to helping you make family photos a fun experience!

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