This family is full of fun! I couldn’t ask for a more colorful day!brother sister family photos

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This family always rocks the “What to Wear” category. Our session last time was on Isle of Palms. This time we branched out and explored the flowers and trees of downtown Charleston!Both these kiddos brought their best modeling moves. I was blown away again and again and again! Great job guys!wisteria-Charleston-SC

You make my life so easy!Children portraits outdoors

Suspenders and bowties never looked so and turquoise boy outfit

Check out this amazing Wisteria!grandkids-grandparents-family-picturesThese amazing fragrant purple blooms only last for about one week! And how amazing that this week lined up with Wisconsin’s spring break this year!? I’m so glad this family chose to visit me again in Charleston. We had so much fun last time they were here. These sweet children asked “Why isn’t Laura in our pictures?” I was so flattered, but I would have done a terrible job if I ended up in their family vacation photos. mother-daughter-downtown-Charleston-SCWe met some very nice new friends downtown. They found Dad’s wallet and gave us a phone call to let us know it was safe when they found it near the wisteria on the ground! Luckily it was only missing for about 8 minutes before we realized! They called AAA and asked for the phone number of the account holder and that’s how they found us!

Charleston SC family photosParents never get a moment alone, there’s always a photo-bomber peaking around a tree somewhere.

parent pictures daughter photobomb

My mode of operation for cooperation is always compromise, compromise, and compromise. One more “nice nice” picture and then I’ll take pictures of you guys hanging from oak trees.

kids in trees live oaks

downtown-charleston-windows-family-photosWhite Point Garden downtown Charleston picturesFamily Pictures in Charleston historical

It was great to see you again and this session was pretty much everything I ever dreamed of for a family shoot, bright colors, flowers, oak trees, warm-ish weather, and amazing kids!

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