“Fall In Love With Someone Who Makes You Laugh.”

This wedding was a whirlwind for me. I missed a phone call from Jon (look… I’m going to call him Shep, I’ve never called him Jonathan. Sheppard = Shep, end of story.) I missed a phone call from Shep. “I’m getting married, hope you can shoot it.” Never hit redial so fast in my life. It did throw me for a loop when he mentioned he hadn’t proposed yet.

The answer to a proposal should never be a surprise. How you propose should be the surprise. Shep and Courtney had talked about marriage to the point that they were ready to jump in and the wedding was pretty much already planned. Shep just hadn’t “asked” yet. After a day of playing photographer for his future bride, he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him at Middleton Place, followed by a romantic dinner for two. 

Shep was one of the first people I met when I moved to Charleston but Courtney and I didn’t meet until the wedding day! I adore her. Our Zoom call was fabulous, I’ve never met someone more organized than me when it comes to wedding planning. We knocked out the wedding details real quick.

We were so on the same page. She had scouted out all locations for me and we hit the ground running.

I love love love when people get ready for the wedding in their own home. It’s so personal and I feel like it adds a layer to your family history to be documented in your own home. Plus time saver and you have everything you need!

We were on a tight schedule. The ceremony was at 10am! We started early. It was a thrill and a challenge knowing I only had a few minutes at each location to knock out my dream shot at each stop. I think we killed it!

First stop, first kiss! Do you remember your first kiss with your spouse? Was a photographer there to document it? We did a first look, and a first kiss before the ceremony. This was their first kiss ever! Shep had a great time waiting for Courtney to get in place.

Next stop, we went to a horse stable! We were able to incorporate Shep’s dad’s truck…and gun. Courtney planned this all so well, I can’t believe how many pictures and locations we were able to do in roughly 45 minutes!

The sass is real.

Next stop was my favorite! Normally I don’t post the “funny faces” in-between pictures but this one was perfect! Shep and Courtney were trying to make each other laugh, they kept doing their mouth-warm-up-exercises because they were going to sing to each other during the ceremony. Talk about romantic! It made for great pictures.

Thanks for the dress fluffing help Shep!

I might have screamed when I took this picture. It was so pretty!

All day long Courtney was cool as a cucumber. (Wait I hate that phrase, why?) Calm like it wasn’t her wedding day? Better. Accurate.

Example of calm. Besides the fact that this is a Covid wedding where nothing is normal, (but everything is beautiful). We started out location hopping with Courtney sitting in the front seat, but the seatbelt got locked in the door and wouldn’t open!

Notice the pictures below, Courtney had to switch to the backseat and Best Man Jackson had to crawl across the driver’s side to sit in the front. Courtney just laughed and said “Take a picture!”

We decided to make one more quick, quick stop in what I like to call the “Enchanted Forest”. (This quick stop was how we got the door to lock and never open!)

I think it was worth the seat climbing!

When we arrived at the ceremony there was a line of cars that didn’t know the gate code to get in. Courtney decided she would handle it herself. Everyone got a kick out of being personally greeted by the bride.

Did I mention it’s July in South Carolina? It was hot. Yes it’s adorable that Courtney brought a tissue for Shep to stay fresh. But it’s truly adorable that her wedding dress had POCKETS!!!

The first kiss is special, but that hug! This is where I cry. You know how people cry at weddings? Imagine if you cried during the hours of editing weddings. Here we are.

Dear Randolph, our golf cart driver, husband-of-Courtney’s-friend-neighbor, do you know how much people like you are the true heroes of weddings? We literally wouldn’t be anywhere without you.

I think the thing that makes me happiest, is that Shep has found a permanent dance partner.

Jon & Courtney Sheppard were married July 11th, 2020.

Many thanks to many people!

Direct quote from Courtney, “Sharon was the wedding planner and executor for me. Building up my vision, supporting and keeping me on track when I went too big or wasn’t moving forward toward the goal! Man, I am blessed. She poured out for weeks helping me execute.”

Ceremony and Reception were held at Poplar Grove Boat House.

Delicious food provided by Vicious Biscuit.

Hair & Makeup fantastically done by Ash & Co.

Flowers with sparkles by Keepsake Florist.

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