I’ve been sitting on this news for a little while trying to get my rubber duckies in a row!

I’ve opened a Gallery by Laura Photography Studio! See your pictures the same day, see your pictures virtually on your wall, have them shipped to your house that day! I’m doing more than just babies, but my first session was a newborn, and I’m just in love!!!


For 10 years, I’ve been traveling to families’ homes to photograph newborns. I even had to upgraded my lil Honda Civic to an SUV to fit everything, but now I can see out the back window forever! Because everything lives at the studio now! Packing the car for a session sometimes took up to an hour. Whew!

I also had a little bit going on with my wedding too! Ryan and I ran away to the Bahamas and got married! And by “ran away”, I mean meticulously planned for 8 months and had 40 people with us. I’m going to be going by Laura Stribling Dolan for awhile until people get used to the idea of me being Mrs. Laura Dolan. (I’m not used to it!!) I can’t wait to blog more wedding pictures for you! We had an exhausting amount of fun!

Another exciting change! I have the space and technology to show families what their pictures will look like as a collage on their own walls! You can send me a picture of your living room and I can show you the same day what your images will look like displayed in your own home!

I love a good staircase collage, it literally can grow with your family!

But back to the adorable news! I had my first 9 day old newborn in the studio. It was so relaxing to have space for mom and dad to spread out all their baby stuff.

I was able to lay out all the props and blankets I wanted to use ahead of time. I’ve never called a newborn session relaxing before!

Little A was so perfectly happy and warm. I think she only woke up once! And she gave us some great big baby blue eye contact.

Going, going, yaaawwwn!

Pretty safe to say this one’s already a daddy’s girl.

Hang in there A, it’s almost Friday.
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