Newborn photography with twin toddlers in Summerville, SC.

I think the absolute coolest thing I do with newborn photography, is I can show you your newborn photos the same day at the studio! (Or at your house the next day if you have a fussy newborn!) This way you can announce your baby to the world right away!


I can take a photo of your own living room and show you what your pictures would look like over your fireplace. You can swap out frames and see it life size! No more guess work!

What to do with your photos

These memory boxes are the most versatile thing I offer. They can hold a lot of photos and let you decide at a later time what you would like to put on your wall. This is especially nice for newborn photography, because making decisions while sleep deprived is hard!

Every print comes with a digital copy, every digital comes with a print. Kids can see themselves on the wall, not just your phone! Kids don’t tend to have facebook, instagram, or iphones. You can also use the digital files to make birth announcements.


Once they are settled into their home, their pictures are matted and ready for the wall! Or they can leave them in the display box for guests to look through. The box even comes with a display easel to duplicate the number of finished pieces of art. No more giant project for “one day.”


This family thought having twin boys and then a newborn wasn’t challenging enough! They decided to add a cross-country move into the mix. They will be taking this box of matted 8x10s from Charleston to their new home in California. (I made sure to save them the bubble wrap the box came with!)

These boys were very sweet, but there’s definitely a touch of photoshop getting all three of them to lie down together. Wanna see the original? I make sure I have a phone call or in-person consultation before the session so that I know exactly what is most important to the family. But I know 3 perfect boys in one picture is a must have! I love it when I can get some personality in the pictures and not just a blank stare into the camera!

There are two pictures of each boy, can you tell the twins apart? I’ll give you a hint, one has slightly curlier hair.


I think this sweet swaddle is my favorite. The basket is soft and bends with the baby in case of a rather tall newborn!


I seriously love newborns in my studio. I love the all white with just a pop of color. Check out other newborns I’ve photographed here.

This is typically the last thing I do with a newborn. I let them be unwrapped and stretch out and I just document whatever cute little faces they make. Babies don’t seem to mind being naked, it’s always 90 degrees in the studio for a newborn session.


I really need you to see how adorable this family is close up. I even got eye contact from the littlest brother! Twins looking in the same direction?! I must be making a hilarious noise! I love how the gray makes their eyes pop!


Mom and Dad were clever enough to bring a babysitter to the session so they could get pictures with their newest addition. She helped them feel comfortable in a new space and gave them some entertainment when their part was finished.


I gave the boys some gourmet apple popcorn from Simple Treasures, and they let me get a few sleepy pictures of their brother. (Seriously, try the baked potato popcorn!) I try to include their popcorn for all my families!

I was really pleased to hear that the boys couldn’t stop talking about how much fun they had at the studio with me! (Do you think the fact that they each got a toy from my toy box helped?)

Sweet little hair swirl. I like pictures that have the “essence” of mom. I like how you can see how she is smiling at her son.


Baby yawns and newborn toes! I love letting him be free to express some personality.



My best tips for a successful newborn photography session:

  1. Feed your baby when you arrive so that they are well fed and fall into a milk coma.
  2. If you plan to have family photos done with your newborn (which I highly recommend!) Dress in neutrals, something calm and soothing like whites, grays, creams. (Remember it is hot in the studio so that baby sleeps, so dress in layers so you will be comfortable.)
  3. Bring as little as possible, no need to stress out packing with a newborn. I have everything here, including a microwave and mini fridge for milk bottles!
  4. Plan extra time, try not to schedule your newborn pictures the same day as doctor appointments. I like babies to have as much time as they need! (Ever try to rush a baby/child to do anything?
  5. If you have older children you may want to bring an extra person with you so that kids can leave when their part is finished.
  6. Have fun with it! We will talk on the phone or in person before your session and I will also follow up by email so that you are ready and well prepared for a fun day!

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