When was the last time you hung out with 3 year old? I met a pretty cool one named Tip. He has big blue eyes and a hilarious, big personality!

Children's portrait photographer I’m still learning about my new home Summerville. Can you be a transplant moving from Mt. Pleasant, SC after 7 years?

Once a month it gets really loud at the studio and people come out to Hutchinson Square to sample food trucks, shop, and listen to music.

I met Tip’s mom Quincy at “Third Thursday” in downtown Summerville. We started out talking about my gourmet oreo cheesecake popcorn from Simple Treasures, and ended up talking Real Estate. (Maybe a home buying is in our future?)

Quincy invited us to a first time home buyers meeting with ERA Wilder Realty where she is an agent. The meeting was on May the 4th (May the force be with you), so naturally my husband was thrilled when he received matching Star Wars mugs and it was held at King’s Pizza, the only acceptable pizza place in the South if you want NY style pizza.

We learned a lot about how to buy a home one day… I learned I have a lot to learn about Star Wars?!?

I also learned that Quincy and I have some interesting similarities. We share the same heart for adoption but in very uniquely ways! Twice I’ve flown to China to photograph kids who are waiting on forever families to find them. I even got to have a mini-reunion with one of my loves from China with her family in Texas. (I attached our reunion video at the bottom of this blog!)

Quincy has been a “Search Angel” for years now. She has been using DNA testing to help adoptees find out the history of their biological families. She has even tracked down the history of her own mother-in-law’s story, it took her 3 years to find her sister and eventually the rest of her family. This kick-started her desire to help other families.

Children's portrait studio Summerville SC

After much gabbing…

I told Quincy I had just opened a portrait studio one block over. She told me she had 3 sons. I said “If I can make your son laugh, you have to bring him into the studio.”family-portrait-studio-Charleston-SC

I didn’t even get a chance! Tip growled at me and laughed at himself. It was great. I fake sneezed and he laughed even I’m not new to photography, but I am new to Summerville. has been around since 2008! In 2019 I opened a portrait studio in Historic Downtown Summerville in! I’m right above Fly. (Be sure to check out the new sign!) Lifestyle-photographer-in-studio I may or may not have a special attachment to my own baby blanket, so I love love love that Tip brought in his blanket. These common sights of Tip carrying a blanket everywhere he goes is something you just don’t realize you will miss one day!Summerville-family-photographer I love this picture of Tip and his dad. This is exactly what a 3 year old does. “Dad is a jungle gym.” He was still warming up to me, but you can see that didn’t take long!father-son-picturesI was excited to try out the gray wall with Tip. I didn’t realize how cool and modern it would look with children’s photos. It really makes Tip pop!Summerville-family-photographer Childrens-portrait-studio Portrait-photographer-in-studio  Childrens-photographer-Charleston-SC family-portrait-studio   I am obsessed with creating these wall art galleries for families. Hanging family portraits on the wall is just one of those things that sits on the “to-do” list forever and never gets done. With my new magic powers, I can show people their portraits right on their own walls so you can see it before you purchase! Plus I give you instructions for hanging them, or a phone number for my handyman!Wall-display-framed-prints

Also I am just speechless! Look what I found outside the studio today! Quincy made me a basket of prizes for kids after their photoshoot! Thank you so much, and thank you for helping me plan the studio’s 4th of July surprise!!! I will make sure you are the first to know when it is ready!!!

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