What better way to celebrate an anniversary than taking the whole family to the beach and having family pictures taken? I love that this family has an entire wall dedicated to me… I mean their family photos, in their home. Isle-of-Palms-Family-Photography


  Wall-art-family-vacation-photos-isle-of-palms-Charleston-Sc  Beach-photographer-charleston-Sc Isle+of+Palms+Family+Photographer      Beach-photographer-charleston-Sc

We tried to do pictures, but there was a beautiful field of tall grass on the way there so we had to stop and play a little bit!luxury vacation home family picturesI have two little girls who can touch their noses, and one little girl who needed help from a cousin to cross her legs. “Simon Says!” played a major role in our session’s success.


You will see a common theme of running with these two little sisters. It was the best way to get them to hold still. I promised if they would hold still for one picture, then they could run away from their parents in the next one. Makes for great smiles all around. Beach-photographer-charleston-Sc

Sometimes there’s ants and you need a little help from mom to get them off!

Beach-photographer-charleston-Sc Finally! We get to hit the beach with the whole family!


I had to leave both versions of the last picture in as a blooper. Not only does this picture show off the theme of “running away”, it also shows how I can make people and trash cans disappear from the background. Magical editing makes for magical pictures!

Isle of Palms extended family picturesPlaying a quick game of Simon Says again with the cousins. Not everyone enjoyed “Simon Says touch the toes of the person next to you!family-reunion-isle-of-palms

“Little Bit” hit her stride right at the end and gave us lots of smiles and giggles! Look who else likes to run on the beach!

Charleston South Carolina Vacation portraits

This is one of my favorite ways to get kids to smile. I hold their hand and spin them in a circle. This way the kids smile and they stay very close to me! Run! Run! Run!sisters at the beach charleston sc

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