I know that one of the biggest tasks for family photos is figuring out what to wear. Especially when you are trying to coordinate families coming from all over the globe. It’s already a huge task just trying to get all these lovely people to go on a vacation at the same time!


The quick and dirty info to share with family members before they pack is: “Neutrals (white, khaki, denim, gray, black) plus any shade of blue.”

It does not have to be a blue shirt! Dresses with classic blue prints, shoes, accessories, shorts, skirts. Having everyone dress slightly differently is a great way to coordinate without looking too “matchy-matchy”.


If you are feeling a little more adventurous, I recommend choosing a few “statement” pieces and then pull colors from those items and use for the rest of the family. In the example below, one girl/woman from each of the smaller families is wearing a bright tropical dress and everyone else is wearing colors found in the dress or neutrals.


The colors don’t have to just be in the shirt colors; shorts, accessories, and jackets are great ways to add variety, texture, and interest to photos.

Both these families chose a blue/neutrals palette and then a pop of yellow! (Not everyone needs to wear the accent color, just a few, it should pop!)


If you want to go advance level, check out this family! They chose a purple and gray palette. Purple is a great shade that has a lot of variety between shades without clashing. Their oldest daughter’s dress ties it all together with white, gray, and purple all in one.


I’m here to help! I even have a service to help you choose outfits and purchase online if you want to start from scratch!

Sometimes photos are a once in a lifetime event! Let’s make ’em awesome!

family photos blue and white outfits
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