This fun family joined me all the way from Atlanta, and we had way too much fun!Wild-Dunes-Family-Pictures I’m so excited that this awesome tree just happened to be on our way to the beach! Also they nailed the “What to Wear” category for yellow and blue family photos. I asked Mom if she wanted wardrobe planning tips? Most confident “No thanks”, I’ve heard in a while, she had it locked down months ahead of time! Wild-Dunes-Charleston-Vacation-Photographer   

Mom requested lots of lifestyle poses, giggling, playing the water, running, mostly just plain fun!Wild-Dunes-Charleston-Vacation-Photographer

Needless to say, coaxing giggles out of these guys was easy. I had been looking forward to this beach photo session, and they rocked it!Charleston-Beach-Family-Photos

Absolutely nothing sweeter than a mom loving time with her kiddos. We couldn’t trick him into a kiss from his sister. He was quick! Our last photo of the night, mom was brave …and sandy! 


What a blast you guys!


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